Vulvaverse Queer Party: Afterbirth

Rotown Nights
queer club night with a special line-up

To celebrate the birth of their debut-album, VUVLA are hosting a queer club night with a special line-up at Rotown, “Afterbirth” from 23:00-04:00. Please beware that “Afterbirth” is a safe space, where queer bipoc people can dance/enjoy their night safely and there will be floor-angels to keep it like that. Come early, stay late <3

23:00-00:00 DJ ZEZ
00:00-01:30 ZOBAYDA b2b IMSOBABY
01:30-03:00 BONA LÉA
03:00-04:00 Acidic Male

Pre-sale: €5,-
Door sale: €6,-
Free in combination with a ticket for Vulvaverse at Arminius

DJ ZEZ is the moniker of Zinzi, a Rotterdam based queer DJ, who’s inspired by deconstructed club, acid, vaporwave, house, synthwave, italo and electro. She mixes all kinds of genres, so every set is unique.

ZOBAYDA is an Egyptian interdisciplinary artist and DJ based in Rotterdam. In the night they bring an eclectic range of sounds from around the SWANA region; ranging from middle eastern techno, afro, techno, electro, acid and more.

IMSOBABY is a multidisciplinary artist, curator and dj. Their interest in music alike as their artistic practice is based in the celebration of their identity and environment. They fuse afro, vogue, tech, jersey, trap and more… As they like to qualify it Imsobaby « spins for the gworls »

Fierce, fiery and full of flavour, BONA LÉA was born to deliver mind-blowing experiences on the dancefloors within her sets. She instantly pricks the ears of her audiences with her eclectic selections and is always looking for unique sonorities. She effortlessly shows off her versatility as she embraces a variety of melodies and rhythms with her unbothered attitude. Her musical influences range from Afro Rhythms, Percussions, Broken Rhythmics and Electric Bassy Sounds.

BONA LÉA highly values spirituality and the effortless pursuit of good powers. Therefore she founded Jabanè Sessions, which pays homage to her cameroonian heritage and aims to offer a safe space that gathers people and bring positives energies in order to create a unique experience. Jabanè means sharing and comes from Duàlà, one of the multiple Cameroonian languages.

Rotterdam-based Acidic Male has an interest in industrial sounds, hypnotic drum patterns and experimental vocals. Having her performer name as a revenge title, she searches to “other” herself into the position of a poetic perpetrator. Her sounds have been described as “elegant industrial”, yet mostly she attempts to showcase her love for genre-wide experimentalism, in-between something violent and comforting.

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