The Slow Show

Stripped Down Tour
Voor fans van: The National, Elbow, Phosphorescent, Tindersticks

The Slow Show heeft haar tour verplaatst! Het optreden op 25 april 2021 in LantarenVenster is verzet naar 27 februari 2022, de locatie is gewijzigd in de Maassilo en het is een staand concert geworden. Eerder gekochte kaarten voor het optreden in LantarenVenster blijven uiteraard geldig. Heb je nog vragen? Stuur een mailtje naar Onze excuses voor het ongemak! Klik hier voor tickets voor 27 februari 2022 >

Since there will be a large forced gap between the last time the band were able to play live and the new dates in the Spring of 2022 – they have decided to play these shows as full live band performances, rather than the previously planned “stripped down” set up that was previously advertised

Everyday life feels more ephemeral than ever, which is why The Slow Show is a band to cherish deeply. The group – named after a song by The National – writes pop music specifically to let the bigger picture sink in. Music for the long haul, as they say. Songs are spun out with an autumnal sonorous splendor, often deceptive in all its sonic details and outline. Everything about The Slow Show seems to serve the unmistakable voice of singer Robert Goodwin: possessed, expressive and full of scars.
On new LP Lust And Learn, The Slow Show bristles a bit against their well-established MO of capturing a certain wholeness.  Songs such as Vagabond and Sharp Scratch preserve the spontaneity and sketchy nature of the original demos, as a necessary counterbalance to all that refined instrumentation. It is, therefore, The Slow Show’s most eclectic work so far: swooning romance and ornamental ingenuity go hand-in-hand with unfinished lyrical fragments and playful experimentation with samples and synths.

The band will be playing their “Stripped Down Show” – a brand new performance that will provide their audiences with a much more intimate spectacle than the previous tour as the band invite their audiences into cosier venues.