Dagschotel: When the going get's tough; go and get stuffed!

Rotown Nights
De leukste manier om de kerstcalorieΓ«n eraf te dansen

DAGSCHOTEL serves you: A Christmas special!

It’s like an after family christmas-dinner dessert with a lot of lofi-hifi-indieschmindie-techno-global-pop-acid-disco-electro-house-hiphop-wave-bass to keep you going and get even more stuffed!

π™…π™Šπ™‡π™‡π™” π™π™π™‰π™€π™Ž π™Žπ™€π™π™‘π™€π˜Ώ π˜½π™”:

Chefs de Partie collective DJ’s and more t.b.a.

𝙒𝙃𝙀𝙉 π™π™Š π™‚π™Šπ™„π™‰π™‚ π™‚π™€π™π™Ž π™π™Šπ™π™‚π™ƒ: π™‚π™Š π˜Όπ™‰π˜Ώ 𝙂𝙀𝙏 π™Žπ™π™π™π™π™€π˜Ώ!

*Houders van eenΒ Rotown ClubcardΒ kunnen deze dansavond opΒ vertoon van hun Rotown ClubcardΒ gratis bezoeken.Β 

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