zaterdag 25 april 2015
35 & Still Alive
Rotown Nights
sounds like: Dansen zonder kinderen

35 & Still Alive is THE gathering for anyone who passed the thirty year-mark - or, for that matter, simply feels that way. Are you in for a night of dancing and prancing without staggering all the way back home, long after midnight? You're in luck: we already kick off at 9pm with the best erstwhile and contemporary tunes at our disposal. Since we don't want everyone feeling old as dirt,  we won't just play the dance classics of yesteryear; all decades will be represented equally. 35 & Still Alive gives license to every festive thirty-something to boogie til complete dizziness strikes, because this train'll keep a-moving til 4am sharp. A party isn't a party without plenty of deliciously pointless hustle 'n bustle: DJ-collective Dave Grohl & The Topless DJs will offer name tags you can swap for free shots, two dance floors and much much more we won't reveal right away! For one, DJ-collective Dave Grohl & The Topless DJ aren't the types to limit themselves to mere categories or genres, so basically, expect the unexpected. All the eggs go in the same basket: every style, every decade…as long as you can move your feet to the beat, that's all there is to it! Oh and no requests... Just go with the flow already! Rotown clubcard-holders can enter 35 & Still Alive for free. You can order the Clubcard coupon online. 

Translated by Jasper Willems

zondag 26 april 2015
Kid Harlequin
Support: Order Of The Emperor
sounds like: Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, Marilyn Manson
zondag 26 april 2015
De Teletijdmachine
Rotown Nights
sounds like: Muzikale reis van 1955 naar 2015
maandag 27 april 2015
The Ragtime Wranglers & Big Bang Gang
sounds like: Koningsdag vieren met uitzinnig muziek-extravaganza
donderdag 30 april 2015
Dry the River
sounds like: Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Blaudzun
donderdag 30 april 2015
Locatie: V11
sounds like: Pavement, Sparklehorse, Yo La Tengo
Blasé, melancholic, silly and a wee bit unwholesome. Fresh-faced British indie trio Happyness are a puzzling bunch to say the least.  A wonderful tune like Naked Patients charms the ears  just enough to sink into a reverie, that is until singer Ben Compston unfurls with subject matter like sick bodies and such. It's quite an unusual trait, to be able to toy so effortlessly with sentiment the way Happyness does. Music blog Kicking The Habit's take: "With their dissident nonchalance and forthright interpretation of American influences, Happyness has become one of the most noteworthy British newcomers this year, with a tremendous record to boot." All pundits still dusting off their Sparklehorse, Pavement , Velvet Underground and Yo La Tengo- collections, rejoice: buying Happyness's impressive debut LP Weird Little Birthday is as sure a proposition as any. Tonight Happyness will perform at Light Vessel 11's cosy setting, which makes us quite happy to say the least. Note: this concert will take place at the red Light Vessel,  V11 (address: Wijnhaven 101)Translated by Jasper Willems
vrijdag 01 mei 2015
Sam Amidon
Locatie: V11
sounds like: Andrew Bird, Iron and Wine, I Am Oak

He's the son of folkies Peter and Mary Alice Amidon, played with Doveman, married Beth Orton and collaborated with the prodigious Nico Muhly. As you might have guessed, Sam Amidon's no ordinary cat. The prolific 33-year-old songsmith has more in common with Owen Pallett, Sufjan Stevens and Andrew Bird than your average tavern-hopping gee tar wielding vagabond. Like the aforementioned artists, Amidon has devised his own unique musical lingo as both earnest balladeer and composer of kaleidoscopic sounds. His multifaceted body of work varies from contemporary interpretations of Irish folk traditionals and mainstream-classics by the likes of R. Kelly and Mariah Carey, using a deep wellspring of influences to explore his original brand of music. Jazz, hip hop, classical, soul… Amidon enjoys incorporating them all in an abstract yet recognizable way.  A jack-of-all-trades by virtue , Amidon is simply intent following his own personal vocation. Amidst his tour with Sharon van Etten, Amidon will present the full scope of his musical output tonight at Light Vessel 11. Note: this concert will take place at the red Light Vessel,  V11 (address: Wijnhaven 101)Translated by Jasper Willems

vrijdag 01 mei 2015
Rotown Nights
sounds like: Disko Matique host eigen club avond
zaterdag 02 mei 2015
Down The Best Kept Pinklands
Rotown Nights
sounds like: Dansen op de festivalhits van aankomende zomer
zondag 03 mei 2015
Michael Prins
sounds like: A Dreamer’s Dream Tour 2015

A reporter once asked balladeer Michael Prins: "How important is love to you?" Prins briefly stares into the distance and replies: "Just as important as it is to you." ITwo years ago, Prins took home the hardware for popular talent show The Best Dutch Singer-songwriter and subsequently sold out Rotown in a jiffy. It's difficult to achieve feats like that so prematurely and remain as even-keeled and modest as before.  Yet amidst all this prosperity Prins has somehow maintained his humble outlook on life, channeling it through his music with no pretense whatsoever. The Haarlem-based singer has the uncanny ability to seer through your heart with the fewest of words. His songs have a dreary melancholic feel to them, his wistful, plaintive voice serving as a beacon to cling onto. However, Prins never drifts into hopelessness, always searching for that sense of comfort within. At the moment, Prins is working on his long-awaited sophomore album, which is slated for release later this year. Actress Carice van Houten (Game Of Thrones) appears as a guest vocalist on the LP's first single, Fear NotTranslated by Jasper Willems

21:15 - La Corneille
22:00 - Michael Prins

zondag 03 mei 2015
Vintage, Eggs & Coffee
sounds like: Vintage markt voor particulieren
maandag 04 mei 2015
Metal Monday
Locatie: Bar3
sounds like: DJ's draaien zorgvuldig geselecteerde metal
woensdag 06 mei 2015
Stand-Up Club Talents
Locatie: Bar3
sounds like: Bar3’s stand-up comedy night o.l.v. Tim Hartog
donderdag 07 mei 2015
And So I Watch You From Afar
Support: Mylets
sounds like: Foals, 65daysofstatic, Mogwai
Whenever post rock storm bringers And So I Watch You From Afar go to work, a magnificent force of pure untethered euphoria is released. The Belfast-based group's vibrant, venturesome ways have you feeling as if embarking on some epic, intergalactic odyssey of sorts. So whatever you do, don't let the whole post rock thing fool you, let alone their emo-ish name. That's just a crude compartmentalization of what ASIWYFA are truly about. They are anything but complicated or dour, utilizing buoyant pop melodies, thrilling melodic riptides and infectious backbeats to create this immense kaleidoscopic joyride of sound. This band interweaves prog rock, indie, Reichian minimalism, afrobeat, neoclassical music seamlessly and ingenuously. Indeed, ASIWYFA loves to keep their audience guessing: in many ways their shows feel like the unwrapping of a present. Their latest effort Heirs is release right as they the stage here at Rotown. Rejoice and behold, this is one futuristic, blissful ride worth taking. 

Tonight's support will be Mylets, whose otherworldly, taut emotional punch safeguards a sound somewhere between Animal Collective, Menomena and Battles. Behind the curtain is American musician Henry Kohen, who can singlehandedly conjure the illusion of a full band on stage. To see is to believe! Translated by Jasper Willems
donderdag 07 mei 2015
De Skaggerz
Locatie: V11
sounds like: Releaseparty van Rotterdamse party-reggae-ska-punk-band

Last year, De Skaggerz finally made their rightful mark. After unveiling well received release Merkwaardige Wezens at Rotown and won the Grote Prijs van Rotterdam, these jitterbugs have quickly emerged as one of finest and most energetic ska and punk outfits around. A giddy bunch too: they already have the next release party lined up at Light Vessel 11. Tonight, De Skaggerz will be blasting out fresh material off their latest EP Tussendoortje, kickstarting our minds assertively into hyperdrive. At 10 pm sharp, things are about to get rowdy and leave it to The Amazing Disco Freaks to get things started in style. In between shows, DJ Hans Tweedehans can be found behind the booth with his usual concoction of classics and obscurities. Fat chance he won't be the only one leaving the deck with a record in hand. In fact, each attendee will get a free Skaggerz EP to relive this whole shebang all over again back home! NOTE: This show will take place at Light Vessel  V11 (tegenover Wijnhaven 101)Translated by Jasper Willems

vrijdag 08 mei 2015
Splendid (uitverkocht)
sounds like: Chef'Special, Will and The People, Pete Philly & Perquisite

Again! Again! Again! We simply can't bring The Hague-based party instigators Splendid over enough. This zestful clique puts everything we love about music into the blender: reggae, dub, hip hop, neo-soul, singer-songwriter, surf rock, UK garage. Wherever Spendid set foot, they bring home that signature concoction of insta-appealing pop music. Each and every festival with their name on the bill has submitted to the high-octane stage antics of Pat Smith and his trusty cohorts. Splendid has a brand new LP lined up, an album that finds the band swearing by their fundamental powers. Plaintive single Now Or Never demonstrates as much, whilst the previously released Back In The Daysbanks on that raw, potent live sound that has made them a fixture within the musical landscape. Our cosy little venue might've been a bit too cramped during Splendid's last visit; but on the other hand, having one of our best homegrown live outfits here the top of their game was like holding lighting in a bottle. An experience we won't soon forget...meaning it's worth trying again for good measure. So what are we waiting for? Let's do this again! And again! Translated by Jasper Willems

zaterdag 09 mei 2015
Sophie Hunger
sounds like: Wende, PJ Harvey, Thus: Owls , Fiona Apple

Swiss songstress Sophie Hunger is quite the anomaly:  a prodigious, versatile musician whose penchant for estoterica never gets in the way of singing a universally palpable song as if her life depended on it. You can instantly tell she is well-versed in a wide range of subject matter, her curiosities rooted in pop music, jazz, cinema, history and avant-garde. Another unusual trait: her ability to express and interpret songs through a multitude of languages. Her latest keepsake SUPERMOON is slated for release this spring, overseered by none other than John Vanderslice. Tonight, Hunger will entice Rotown with her peerless brand of pop, an experience definitely worth sinking your teeth into.  Translated by Jasper Willems

zondag 10 mei 2015
Kids, Eggs & Coffee
Moederdag editie
sounds like: Rotown’s variant op het ontbijt op bed
woensdag 13 mei 2015
Popquiz Marathon
sounds like: Legendarische popquiz in marathon vorm
The infamous Popquiz Marathon is back! Per usual, multiple locations will partake in this annual affair: one round per location, each with its own theme. Whether you consider yourself a disco queen or nineties bitch, there's always one round where your musical knowledge will reign supreme.  Between 7 and 8 pm, each team can exchange a voucher for your answering sheet and stamp card. Because every round per location presents a different set of questions, contestants can configure the quiz any way they like!
The point total will be accurately tallied until the winner gets announced around midnight. Note: you can only win the quiz if you have participated in a minimum of three rounds at two separate locations. Hot on the heels of the final results, the Popquiz Afterparty will round things out in rapturous fashion. Tickets are available online and at the counter. Note: you can only buy one voucher per team.
The Rules
- One voucher per team.
- Five participants per team is the max.
- You can only enter the pop quiz with a valid stamp card.
- In order to contend, you have to participate in three rounds at two different locations.
- Using mobile devices or computers is strictly forbidden. Use them for competitive purposes will result in disqualification. In other words: no Shazam or Soundhound!
- Teams submitting a full stamp card before 11:40 pm will be able to contend.
- Winning a round gets a team 10 bonus points. In other words: the less crowded the location, the better shape your team is in to bring home some hardware. Translated by Jasper Willems
donderdag 14 mei 2015
Mountain Bike
Hosted by Roodkapje
Locatie: V11
sounds like: Afterpartees, Blur, Pavement, Thee Oh Sees
Brussels-based outfit Mountain Bike has been up and running for a couple of years, just now finally treading the spotlight after this year's Eurosonic Festival. These fun-loving basketball jersey-sporting lads play a charming brand of garage pop, emitting the kind of flair and vibrancy inherent to Belgium's rich alternative rock scene. A year ago, Mountain Bike already went abuzz in Belgium, thanks in large part to their incredibly infectious single I Lost My Hopes - In Paradise. The song is embellished with a golden hook that just keeps begging to press repeat. The thing that really sets Mountain Bike apart from contemporaries is their willingness to step outside of done-to-death garage rock-templates to explore different sonic aesthetics. For instance, Hangin' Around' brings to mind The Kinks' grounded lilt, whereas Japanese Guitar draws from the exuberance of  90's alt rock greats like Throwing Muses and Pavement. Having toured with popular Dutch counterparts Afterpartees, Mountain Bike only just recently found their footing within The Netherlands' compact club circuit. No doubt, they've already become of the most entertaining groups this side of the North Sea. This show will be hosted by our friends of RoodkapjeNote: this concert will take place at the red Light Vessel,  V11 (address: Wijnhaven 101)Translated by Jasper Willems
zaterdag 16 mei 2015
Ronde & Orange Skyline & Emil Landman (verplaatst naar do 17 sep)
3FM Serious Talent On Tour
sounds like: 3FM Serious Talents samen op tournee langs de clubs
Whenever an artist bears the title 3FM Serious Talent, you know what's up. Those are the kinds of artists who will prosper and flourish in the early going. All the more reason to enroll them for a special tour across the Dutch clubs. Tonight the 3FM Serious Talent On Tour lands in Rotown, with three of the most promising young talents in the fold.
Pop phenoms Rondé come from a myriad of musical backgrounds, which they harness and mold into embellished, sun-drenched ballads. Their wonderful lead single Run quickly found its way on the national radio was enough to enlist them to talent platform Popronde. They've been blowing away audiences ever since, impressing with opening slots for Nick Mulvey, Bells Of Youth and Woman's Hour. Swindler-of-hearts Emil Landman's tranquil folk tunes ooze romanticism and wanderlust, lending a benign elocution akin to Nick Drake and Thomas Dybdahl. His impressive debut LP Colours And Their Things quickly captivated critics, audiences and media alike. Landman's current outpour draws heavily from a lengthy trip through the US, chasing his heart. Orange Skyline are a difficult band to put a finger on: their off-the-wall, elusive pop tunes find common ground with fantastic Belgium-based artisanists Balthazar. One important difference, however, is the Groningen-based group's tendency to fly off the rails with a garage rock/post-punk-ish zing. Orange Skyline's inventive cadence reveals an appreciation for The Jam and Stone Roses, yet  they still manage to sound like a complete breath of fresh air. Translated by Jasper Willems
dinsdag 19 mei 2015
sounds like: Agnes Obel, Peter Broderick, Joanna Newsom, Laura Veirs

Sóley Stefánsdóttir courts the realms of pop, neoclassical, jazz, minimalism and avant-garde as if they're one and the same entity. Like many of her Icelandic peers, Sóley likes to wear many musical hats, choosing to delve into a multitude of different projects. She studied composition and jazz at arts school, performed with Sin Fang and Seabear and wrote scores for puppet shows and dance performances. The self-effacing wunderkind came into her own with debut LP We Sink, encasing abstract short stories into surrealistic, glimmering songs. On the other hand, her most recent work, Krómantik, is a collection of waft, spectral piano-compositions written over a longer period of time. Expect an intimate, enthralling performance. Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 21 mei 2015
sounds like: The Shins, Villagers, Local Natives

Support: Andy Shauf // Over the years, Australian songsmith Husky Gawenda and his nephew Gideon Preiss have carefully honed their penchant for devious indie pop tunes, akin to the likes of The Shins and Villagers. Gawenda and Preiss are not afraid to show their vulnerability, though not very likely to reel off skin-deep serenades. Instead Husky is a vehicle to fine-tooth the more complex emotions. The wonderfully poignant Don't Tell Your Mother finds Husky beseeching a woman called Josephine, only to disclose her in third person as a lost lover. Many of Husky's songs tenderly veer in-between hope and hopelessness like that. Similar to Californian rockers Local Natives, their music emits a balmy, exotic glow, always making sure that the sun gets plenty latitude to peek through the dark clouds. Translated by Jasper Willems

vrijdag 22 mei 2015
Rotterdam Riot #3
The Miseries + The Peawees + zZz + Warm Soda
sounds like: Drie dagen de beste punk, garage en rock 'n roll
Rotterdam Riot has returned with a vengeance! Rotterdam's most unruly festival has now expanded to three days of uninhibited mayhem, spread over four locations downtown: Rotown V11, WORM and Tiki's  With a passe-partout ticket ou can access all the venues, whereas Tiki's grants you free entry, On Friday, the following bands are set to play Rotown.
Tim Knol's vintage three-chord-blitz The Miseries made quite an impression recently at Lightvessel 11. Knol's a flexible cat, pulling off the bold transition between earnest balladeer and spirited punk rocker seamlessly. Even with their debut LP still pending, The Miseries have driven festivals like Into the Great Wide Open and Le Guess Who? into a stupor.
We found ourselves likewise endeared to Warm Soda's deliciously bubble-wrapped power pop. Matthew Meltons gang have an abundance of sure fire glitter fuzz anthems at their disposal, which makes you wonder why they haven't hit the big time yet. Maybe it's just shit luck: every time Warm Soda is set to play Rotown, something seems to prevent the show from happening. That's not likely to stop us from trying, not with jams like Save This Dance For Me sending us into a bliss repeatedly.
Speaking of bliss, Italian rascals The Peawees know a thing or two about pulling off vibrant punk pop tunes that set your body and brain ablaze. Back home, they've become a force to be reckoned with, and it's about time for the rest of the world followed suit.  Don't mistake The Peawees for a band that preaches senseless hedonism. Their smart-mouthed lyrical candor tends to hit an emotional nerve just as well. 
Wrapping things up is one of the finest live groups out there right now: zZz. Half a decade after the garage-duo's brilliant debut Running With The Beast these modern Amsterdam legends remained an unstoppable force, despite not releasing an album since. Until now: with Juggernaut, zZz has explored a myriad of different sounds, most notably a heavy dose of Neu! and Can for good measure. 
For the complete programme, you can visit the official Rotterdam Riot website.Order your passe-partout HERE for full entrance at three locations (Rotown, Worm and V11). Translated by Jasper Willems
zaterdag 23 mei 2015
Locatie: Maassilo
sounds like: Woestijnblues uit Mali

In English, Tinariwen roughly translates to 'the desert boys. These revered luminaries of Tuareg desert blues met back in the eighties as soldiers at Colonel Kadhaffi's training camps, in the hope of toppling the military regime in their homeland of Mali. However, a collective reflection, solace and forbearance isn't achieved by the use of weapons, so instead the Tinariwen's signature sound became a vehicle for that. The Tuareg desert blues adapts a wonderful, highly unique blend of native folk and Western pop influences, quickly spreading through word of mouth across the Saraha towards eventual worldwide acclaim. The Tinariwen's incredible quest culminated by winning a Grammy in 2012 for their album Tassili. After enduring lifelong political unrest and personal tragedy, these nomads now have the entire world lending an ear. Being forced in exile for most their lives has given the Tinariwen a continuous flux of new influences to interpret, subjecting their singular musical blueprint to exciting new trajectories. Tonight, the Tinariwen will perform at the Maassilo in the flesh, so plenty of incentive to start dancing, clapping and hollering along. NOTE: This will take place at the Maassilo (Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2). Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 28 mei 2015
Skip & Die
sounds like: Futuristisch electrobeatkwartet van wereldklasse

It's quite something to behold, watching two different, yet coalescent creative forces form a riveting, genre-defying powerhouse like SKIP&DIE. Producer Jori Collignon, (Nobody Beats The Drums) and singer/visual artist Cata Pirata quickly set forth on the world stage with their peerless amalgamation of futuristic, contemporary and traditional sounds. On stage, SKIP&DIE are simply an unyielding force, erupting like a neon-lit volcano with a vast array of dance, reggaeton, dub, drum&bass, rock & hip hop cadence. Mistake them for some two-dimensional happy-go-lucky party squad at your own peril, as their songs frequently touch upon social and political themes. By means of striking visuals,  SKIP&DIE extends these themes even further on stage. New album Cosmic Serpents is a noticeable departure from debut LP  Riots In The Jungle, finding common ground between a myriad of stylistics instead of frantically skipping the musical extremes. The result: an album that revels as much in deft meditation as SKIP&DIE's trademark exuberance, whilst adeptly steering clear of pretense.

vrijdag 29 mei 2015
Andrea Gibson
Locatie: Paradijskerk
sounds like: Activiste, slam poet en spoken word voordraagster uit Colorado

Apart from live music, a stage is there for anyone willing to bellow out thoughts and feelings. That's why we chipped in on the Poetry Circle Nowhere bill with a performance by Andrea Gibson at Paradijskerk. The Colorado-based activist has garnered a global following with her impassioned poetry and spoken word monologues. Gibson's subject matter comes to grips with gender politics, class, social inequity and sexuality in confronting, brutality honest and emotionally powerful ways. Universal themes like love, sadness, fear, depression and spirituality all find their way into her work. Gibsons razor sharp narratives, well-timed wisecracks and candid confessions are compiled in a series of albums, with Truce being the most recent release. She remains active member of radical theater and arts collective Vox Feminista, whose tenet "comfort the disturbed, disturb the comfortable" aptly punctuates her own candor as artist and performer: bold, principled and the heart worn on the sleeve. Note: this show will take place at the  Paradijskerk (Nieuwe Binnenweg 25).  Translated by Jasper Willems

woensdag 03 juni 2015
Pokey LaFarge
Locatie: Maassilo
sounds like: Authentieke western swing met oké van Jack White

Well, he's back in town, our favorite Midwestern swing vagabond, the one and only Pokey LaFarge! Eventually, we have to come to terms with the fact that the 31-year old tunesmith has  thoroughly outgrown Rotown's capacity. Instead, we'll find LaFarge fawning a larger Maassilo-audience with his well-rehearsed fifties and sixties-inspired folk lingo. No less with a fresh batch of songs ready, as his second LP Something In The Water is set for release come April. According to Pokey hi myself, he relinquished some of his personal proclivities to producer and friend Jimmy Sutton. This resulted in a more groove-oriented, vivid sonic palette than ever. Don't expect any drastic changes however: Pokey's uncanny ability to channel the romanticism, charm and spirit of America's folk, jazz and blues testimonials with a contemporary, personal touch, is the backbone of what makes his performances so special. Regardless of size and scope, expect tonight to be no different from past Rotown-shows… Right down to the usual detour at Schorem! NOTE: This show will take place at Maassilo (Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2). Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 04 juni 2015
Jacco Gardner
sounds like: THE GOASTT, Temples, Syd Barrett

Support: Doug Tuttle // Jacco Gardner completely spellbinded us back in December with his vibrant, postmodern take on sixties baroque pop, so it comes to no surprise we wanted him back in a jiffy. Now with a brand new supporting cast surrounding him, Gardner has already achieved international acclaim with wondrous debut album Cabinet Of Curiosities; a sublime collection of spectral tunes akin to The Zombies, The Lovin' Spoonful, Rory Erickson and Syd Barrett. Gardner has an impeccable penchant for treading the line between discord and harmony with rich instrumentation, including upright piano, strings, squeezebox and mellotron. As a result Jacco Gardner's music has this exotic feel, as if the world starts spinning in reverse and everything submerges into this colorful layer of topsoil. Gardner's sophomore LP Hypnophobia will be co-released by Excelsior and Trouble In Mind (Ty Segall, Night Beats, Morgan Delt), once again channelling those wonderful sixties-sensibilities in newfangled, resourceful ways. Translated by Jasper Willems

zondag 07 juni 2015
The Dustbowl Revival
sounds like: Vernieuwende mengelmoes van Amerikaanse rootsmuziek

Whether it's jazz, gospel, blues, folk or rock-n-roll, the US still clings very much to rich traditions within modern music and its subcultures. We do love purists who carry these traditions over to new generations, like our hero Pokey LaFarge. Equally impressive are those artists who subvert old paradigms into a fresh overhaul, creating exciting original music. The Dustbowl Revival are the epitome of that, a group of young musicians who reinterpret pretty much every aspect of American music in vibrant forward-thinking manner. The result is something to behold: a melting pot of musical styles, breaking all boundaries with a myriad of sounds and instruments. The Dustbowl Revival cleverly package these elements into songs that will surely put a smile on your face. And to think it started with a simple Craigslist-message sent by founder, guitarist and singer Z. Lupetin. Translated by Jasper Willems

dinsdag 09 juni 2015
Gavin James
Locatie: Maassilo
sounds like: Damien Rice, Ed Sheeran, James Vincent McMorrow

Sometimes, a star is rising at a pace impossible for the rest of the world to keep up. Seemingly from out of nowhere, Irish songsmith Gavin James managed to sell out Paradiso in just three minutes. Perhaps we - could - have seen this coming. Back in Ireland, James has  already become a bona fide star, with just a single EP under his belt. James set foot in The Netherlands only recently, after Radio 3FM started endorsing his magnificent rendition of The Magnetic Fields' The Book of Love. It's difficult not to be endeared by this prodigious young talent, already proficient within the trials of a charismatic live performer,  selling out even the larger venues. Having such a sensational set of pipes and uncanny dedication for your craft tends to play in one's favor. "I just need a kickstart, I don't want to dream alone", he passionately coos on Two Hearts. Having James play Maassilo should prove to be a nice career kickstart, although with one question still lingering: who is going to dream along with him? NOTE: This show will be held at Maassilo (Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2). Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 18 juni 2015
Sunset Sons
sounds like: Kings of Leon, Kensington, Graffiti6
dinsdag 30 juni 2015
Tarrus Riley and the Black Soil Band feat. Dean Fraser & Alaine + Collie Buddz
Locatie: Maassilo
sounds like: Line-up met de reggae-helden van vandaag
Rotown begins the summertime in the best possible way: with two of the greatest modern day luminaries of reggae, dub, rocksteady and dance hall. Tarrus Riley and Collie Buddz interpret the basic principles of those movements into a contemporary pop idiom. 

Tarrus Riley is one of reggae's biggest stars. His talent springs from his father Jimmy, who sang with legendary reggae/rocksteady band The Uniques in the sixties. With six albums under his belt, Riley has expanded reggae's roots further into modern pop music, instilling styles such as dance hall and R&B. A devious writer at heart, Riley mastered the ins and outs of being both producer and player. He's been known to use a different blueprint with each album he releases. Tonight at Maassilo, Riley will bring two special guests: acclaimed sax player Dean Fraser (who produced Riley's first album Challenges) and one of his peers, singer Alaine. Collie Buddz' has taken a considerably different entry point into the world of reggae music. The 30-year old was born in New Orleans and raised in tropical paradise of Bermuda. Buddz found unexpected worldwide acclaim with his hit Come Around after Busta Rhymes made a remix of it. Ever since, the rapper/singer has been in high demand, answering calls from the likes of Snoop (Dogg) Lion, Kid Cudi, Joey Bada$$ and Beyoncé. Buddz' new album Light It Up has him stepping further out of reggae, dance hall and dub's comfort zones. NOTE: This show will be held at Maassilo (Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2). Translated by Jasper Willems
maandag 20 juli 2015
The Growlers
Support: Cherry Glazerr
sounds like: Black Lips, Allah-Las, Kurt Vile

Whenever The Growlers decide to carouse by, we at Rotown can't help but cavort in joyous anticipation.  Brooks Nielsen and his outlandish gang of mischief-makers always manage to lift our spirits with their knockabout jangle pop anthems. These Orange County-based goofballs have made leaps and bounds  ever since they first set foot here during Motel Mozaïque two years ago, The Growlers' latest LP Chinese Fountain captures some surprising emotional depth, underpinning big themes like existentialism and love without sacrificing their ever-present  cheerful appetite for disruption. Take for instance Love Test, a wondrously contemplative love song that simultaneously describes the dichotomy of living in Los Angeles to a tee. Quite incredible to say the least, to have a band known mostly for their riotous stage antics capture such a vivid songwriting acumen. The Growlers managed to sell Rotown out last time around, so you better be quick to catch these cacophonous Californians again! Translated by Jasper Willems

woensdag 22 juli 2015
sounds like: The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth, Lightning Bolt

Deerhoof is the kind of perplexing live band one has to witness at least once per lifetime. The experimental indie rockers from San Francisco have released thirteen LPs in a span two decades. Led by frolicsome Japanese-born singer/bass player Satomi Matsuzaki and giddy skinsman and DIY-paragon Greg Saunier, Deerhoof's iconoclastic, fragmented take on pop music knows no peers. The band's wide-eyed, reciprocal surges of trial of error go at blistering rinse-and-repeat pace. So incredibly elusive to the ears, in fact, that its probably for the best to consider everything 'part of the plan'. Even today, Deerhoof remain one of the most bamboozling, intense and highly original rock bands around. It's a blessing to have them stopping by at Rotown, no less at the pinnacle of both their ability and inability.  Translated by Jasper Willems

vrijdag 11 september 2015
Seasick Steve
Locatie: Rotterdamse Schouwburg
sounds like: Authentieke bluesman uit de gootpijp
donderdag 17 september 2015
Ronde & Orange Skyline & Emil Landman
3FM Serious Talent On Tour
sounds like: 3FM Serious Talents samen op tournee langs de clubs
Whenever an artist bears the title 3FM Serious Talent, you know what's up. Those are the kinds of artists who will prosper and flourish in the early going. All the more reason to enroll them for a special tour across the Dutch clubs. Tonight the 3FM Serious Talent On Tour lands in Rotown, with three of the most promising young talents in the fold.
Pop phenoms Rondé come from a myriad of musical backgrounds, which they harness and mold into embellished, sun-drenched ballads. Their wonderful lead single Run quickly found its way on the national radio was enough to enlist them to talent platform Popronde. They've been blowing away audiences ever since, impressing with opening slots for Nick Mulvey, Bells Of Youth and Woman's Hour. Swindler-of-hearts Emil Landman's tranquil folk tunes ooze romanticism and wanderlust, lending a benign elocution akin to Nick Drake and Thomas Dybdahl. His impressive debut LP Colours And Their Things quickly captivated critics, audiences and media alike. Landman's current outpour draws heavily from a lengthy trip through the US, chasing his heart. Orange Skyline are a difficult band to put a finger on: their off-the-wall, elusive pop tunes find common ground with fantastic Belgium-based artisanists Balthazar. One important difference, however, is the Groningen-based group's tendency to fly off the rails with a garage rock/post-punk-ish zing. Orange Skyline's inventive cadence reveals an appreciation for The Jam and Stone Roses, yet  they still manage to sound like a complete breath of fresh air. Translated by Jasper Willems
woensdag 30 september 2015
Rachael Yamagata
sounds like: Ray LaMontagne, Feist , Cat Power

For a good decade now, Rachael Yamagata has bewildered audiences with her gorgeous, cleverly phrased pop craft. The charismatic songstress has been operating independently since 2011: not just by releasing her own albums on pet label Frankenfish Records, but self-promoting and managing her career as recording artist and performer as well. Yamagata sets herself apart from peers with her self-deprecating sense of humor, wearing the moniker 'The Troubadour Of Heartbreak' on her sleeve with playful jeer. Even at her most poignant and downcast, Yamagata always seems to exert some kind of comforting whisper to both her music and her lyrics. For instance, the title track from her 2012 EP Heavyweight  draws inspiration from the Rocky-movies (!) to underpin a personal query of relationships. During her previous visit, Yamagata drew both laughs and tears, giving one of the more memorable, compelling Rotown-performances of the past five years. No doubt she will once again spellbind us tonight with that soothing voice,  those splendid tunes and a magnetic personality to boot.

maandag 07 december 2015
K's Choice
Locatie: Rotterdamse Schouwburg
sounds like: Vlaamse rockvedetten aangevoerd door Sarah en Gert Bettens