dinsdag 22 april 2014
Public Service Broadcasting
sounds like: British Sea Power en I Like Trains

At last year's Motel Mozaique festival, we were introduced to the wonderful world of Public Service Broadcasting. The London-based duo impressed with an intriguing MO: combining buoyant beats with sampled bits from…indeed, old public service broadcasts. A fairly conceptual stratagem, immediately reminding us of  fellow anthropologists British Sea Power and I Like Trains. Those two acts draw more from a guitar-based template, Public Service Broadcasting find themselves akin to krautrockers Neu! and Autobahn-era Kraftwerk. Music magThe Wire has another take: "The music is a moody sheen of rock rhythms, occupying the space between Pink Floyd’s The Wall and The Orb’s early output.” As you might have guessed, Public Service Broadcasting is a difficult one to pin down, a combination cerebral conveyance and zestful dance propulsion. On stage, old stock footage of British government propaganda movies is utilized, giving their shtick even more of a retro feel. All things considered, Public Broadcasting Service very much presents itself as a contemporary act. Perhaps a bit too scholarly for your average hipster, but to the more open-minded music fan, a worthwhile endeavor! And above all, utterly compelling! Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 24 april 2014
traumahelikopter + Afterpartees
sounds like: Mikal Cronin, Ty Segall, The Black Lips
The one thing history taught us is that great rock-'n-roll music doesn't necessary nest inside urban districts. As a matter of fact, some of the more exciting sounds come from more peripheral settings. Groningen, for instance, has remained one of Holland's finest citadels for bands looking to cause a racket.  And here in Holland, the alpha male status of garage rock belongs to traumahelikopter, who have a second LP slated for release on Excelsior Recordings. The more song-oriented sophomore release appears to be quite a departure form last year's debut, a rapid fire of barn burners that didn't let up in its brief 27-minute span. traumahelikopter have maintained their wry sense of punk irony, all while exploring their melodies and hooks more openly. 
Afterpartees have plenty of that zing where they're from - Horst, Limburg to be exact - making them one of the most sought-after newcomers at the Dutch front. As far as we're concerned, they have the it-factor to become a household name here and across the borders. Their catchier-than-thou jangle pop hassimilar traits to that one record by The Strokes that made the idea of being in a band again a fad again in the first place. Those who enjoy a dose of cutting edge rock should definitely highlight this double-header. Well, watcha waiting' for? Translated by Jasper Willems
donderdag 24 april 2014
sounds like: Coup de Sjans, VENOUR en BAARD & STAART willen feest
vrijdag 25 april 2014
The Kik
sounds like: Rotterdamse ‘nederbiet’-helden presenteren album #2
zaterdag 26 april 2014
Broken Brass Ensemble & Gallowstreet & Small Time Crooks
Koningsdag 2014
sounds like: Koningsdag vieren met uitzinnig muziek-extravaganza
zaterdag 26 april 2014
De Raaf, het Karakter en de Bijl
Locatie: Bar3
sounds like: een uitgestalde vrijmarkt aan dansbaarheid
zaterdag 26 april 2014
sounds like: All rise.. the true Kings are here !!!
zondag 27 april 2014
VinylVerbond Rotterdam
sounds like: Het draaien van je favoriete tracks door DJ Okkie
maandag 28 april 2014
Minor Alps
Matthew Caws of Nada Surf and Juliana Hatfield
sounds like: Samenwerking Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) & Juliana Hatfield

Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) and Juliana Hatfield (ex-Blake Babies/SomeGirls), two of the US's most celebrated luminaries of nineties power pop, have joined forced to form Minor Alps. Debut LP Get There saw the light of day back in October 2013: with crisp guitar hooks and gorgeous vocal harmonies,  these songs sound as clear and confident as anything from their respective bodies of work, almost as if Nada Surf has acquired a female vocalist and tapped into the holy fire. Minor Alps sounds as fresh as anything from contemporary peers: so whatever you do, don't miss out! Source: Joris Rietbroek, Kicking The HabitTranslated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 01 mei 2014
Jacqueline Govaert (uitverkocht)
Support: Orlando
sounds like: Voormalig Krezip-zangeres met tweede soloplaat

Making her return to Rotown tonight is none other than Jacqueline Govaert. After a three-year absence, the former Krezip-singer is set to release her second solo-effort, baring the title Songs To Sooth. A record that marks Jacqueline's return to the basics,: eleven stripped-down tracks where she utilized just her voice and the piano. Accordng to Govaert, the record draws inspiration from the Californian Laurel Canyon-scene, which happens to be the main incentive for Carol King's legendary album Tapestry. "The quintessential record for every female singer-songwriter.", Govaert adds.  In the studio, Govaert was aided some pretty talented people who once recorded with heavyweights Jackson Browne, Todd Rundgren and Dolly Parton. The first single Hear How My Heart Beats is an impressive starting point, with gorgeous video (filmed in inner city Rotterdam for good measure!) to boot. As if it hasn't been clear yet: Jacqueline will shrink an already small venue to quite an intimate get-together. So obtain those tickets as soon as you can if you wish to be part of it! Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 01 mei 2014
No House Wine
sounds like: Fijnproeverij van house classics en relevante stijlen
vrijdag 02 mei 2014
Welcome to Los Bangeles
sounds like: Online magazine en collectief hosten hun eigen sfeervolle avond
zaterdag 03 mei 2014
Sky Pilots
sounds like: The Stones is hun jonge jaren

The name Sky Pilots may or may not ring a bell. Nonetheless, all band members have more or less paid their dues with other projects and bands. Taking center stage is singer Matthijs van Duijvenbode, better known under the moniker Duijf. With his Jagger-like looks (and moves!) he finally jumps into the limelight as a lead singer, whereas in the past we have gotten to know him playing the keys for Tangerine, Tim Knol and Douwe Bob. Flanked by Fatal Flowers's Robin Berlijn, skinsman Kees Schraper and bass player Mano Hollestelle, Sky Pilots soar through five decades of rock-'n-roll with the same zest, forte and sexiness as many of their precursors. The band made their unofficial live debut at this year's prestigious Noorderslag festival, introduced as a bunch of rock-'n-roll kids with "a big mouth and an even bigger heart". British Invasion-riffs, sixties grooves and a whole lot of pizzazz to go along with it. Almost like seeing The Stones during their early years, albeit more in the 'polder' variety. Definitely one for the books, these Sky Pilots! Translated by Jasper Willems

zaterdag 03 mei 2014
Tropical Heat
sounds like: Indie dance, freaky funk, dirty disco en hitsige house
dinsdag 06 mei 2014
Locatie: Maassilo
sounds like: Het jongere broertje van The Whitest Boy Alive
Despite their bizarre handle, Kakkmaddafakka has become one of Rotown's most beloved bands. On two separate occasions, these Norwegian fruitcakes have deluged Rotowns intimate settings into an effervescent rapture. After doing the same thing on a larger scale at Into The Great Wide Open and Lowlands, the buzz spread like wildfire. Shows at Paradiso and Melkweg were selling out faster than you can pronounce their name. Suffice to say, this nine-headed beast has gotten quite the fancy. In that case, might as well turn hit up a notch here in Rotterdam as well, with a show at the Maassilo! With the powerful mantra "Party is a trend that never stops", Kakkmaddafakka unleashes a technicolor rainbow of musical styles: deep-doul, classic rock, sizzling, steaming disco, upbeat reggae…you name it! Never a dull moment with these guys, something Erlend "The Whitest Boy Alive" Øye can validate. In fact, Øye is also The Biggest Kakkmaddafakka Fanboy Alive, taking it upon himself to produce the most recent LP Six Months Is A Long Time. He also made sure they found sanctuary on his Bubbles-label. On stage, Kakkmaddafakka is like a confetti-laden hurricane of pure bliss. Energetic, cacophonous, and completely spazzed out! Watcha waiting' for? Make the first move! 
Tickets for this particular can only be purchased at Rotown's official sales points. NOTE: this event takes place at Maassilo (Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2). Translated by Jasper Willems
woensdag 07 mei 2014
Aidan Knight
Support: Leif Vollebekk
sounds like: Een ingetogen versie van Mumford & Sons

Although Canadian songwriter Aidan Knight can still roam the streets anonymously on this side of the Atlantic, he's already garnering quite a following back home. For one, Mumford & Sons's Ben Lovett took notice of Knights talent: he woo'ed Aidan to his Communion-label, which previous was instrumental to the ascent of Ben Howard, Half Moon Run and Michael Kiwanuka. So there ya go. Despite touring under his own name, Aidan Knight has assembled a full-fledged band by now, consisting of befriended musicians. Much like his peers Bon Iver and James Vincent McMorrow before him, Aidan Knight resided in a small cabin within a vast landscape of mountains, British Columbia to be exact, to record his latest LP Small Reveal. Knights music emanates the kind of tranquil reverie you feel when wandering across a natural environment. His astute storytelling and baritone lilt impel an earnest and devout songwriter-MO, drawing comparisons to Andrew Bird, Shearwater and Damien Jurado. Once you undergo Knight's deft and diligent touch, you don't want to let go of it. Compelling indeed! Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 08 mei 2014
Menace Beach
sounds like: Britse ‘supergroep’ doet nineties alternative

Just as we deemed it dead, buried and dissolved, 2014 appears to be the year when grunge makes a comeback! Not just in the American underground, but English indie culture seems to have embraced the raw edgy nineties sound. Menace Beach, who will be performing at London Calling the day before rolling ahead of steam to the Nieuwe Binnenweg! Menace Beach is quite the supergroup, with members of Pulled Apart By Horses, Hookworms, Sky Larkin, plus Mansun-frontman Paul Draper as on-and-off quisling for good measure! Menace Beach's tunes aren't just rooted in nineties Seattle's rock music canon, they adapt My Bloody Valentines shoegazing ways with the same glee. Menace Beach avoids becoming some sort of pastiche by acknowledging their own individual roots, the ragged undertones of Blackpool,  Manchester. 'Less blather, more bust', seems to Menace Beach's slogan. To us here in Rotterdam, this is like music to the ears! We pulled all the stops to get Menace Beach at this stage: just don't be shocked to see them appear at a myriad of festivals in the coming months. Those who like their tunes edgy and infectious better take note! Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 08 mei 2014
Buiten Gewoon
sounds like: BuitenGewoon collectief met jong DJ/producer-talent uit eigen stal
vrijdag 09 mei 2014
The Rumpshaker
sounds like: Een energieke shake van hiphop, beats & breaks
zaterdag 10 mei 2014
Rotterdam Riot #2
Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! + The Spazzys + More
sounds like: Twee dagen de beste punk, garage en rock 'n roll
zaterdag 10 mei 2014
Rotterdam Riot After
Wang Dang Dula
sounds like: Raw soul, Maximum r‘n’b, garage etcetera
zondag 11 mei 2014
Mads Langer
sounds like: Milow, James Morrison, Amos Lee
After gaining modest success back home, Danish songsmith Mads Langer has come out guns blazing across the rest of Europe: no less with his own rendition of nineties hit You're Not Alone by dance-outfit Olive. Similar to singer Milow's 50 Cent-cover Ayo Technology, his popularity boomed after performing this cover at a Danish radio station. Suffice to say, Mads Langers music drifts very much along the same lines of his Flemish counterpart, albeit with a darker undertone. His acoustic tunes tackle some pretty heavy issues, such as loss, death and hopelessness. Musically however, Langer treads as light as a feather, with his meticulous arrangements and fragile tenor. His latest album In The Waters arrived last year: it's his most ambitiously composed record to date, with its grand luscious melodies and shades of electronica. After his Songbird festival-show drew much appraisal, we're happy to have Mads Langer back in the fold. You coming...? Translated by Jasper Willems
woensdag 14 mei 2014
Jett Rebel (uitverkocht)
sounds like: Prince meets Lenny Kravitz

Jett Rebel is the pseudonym of Jelte Tuinstra (22), who has tested his mettled in a myriad of bands (take for instance The Souldiers and Valerius). But as with most prodigies of Tuinstra's nature, eventually they'll have to leave the nest and take off into the great blue yonder. Prodigal is definitively an apt description for Jett Rebel: he is as versatile a musician as they come, put on display with his two Eps Venus and Mars. Jett Rebel excels in pure, uncompromising prototypical pop tunes, drawing influences from Todd Rundgren, Prince and The Beach Boys. Jelte is pretty much a hands-on guy, playing all the instruments himself. On stage however, he is joined by a flock of experienced vets in the business. After becoming the next 3FM Serious Talent. Jett Rebel has already conquered the radio waves with smash hits like Do You Love Me At All, Louise and Tonight. An rare bird! Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 15 mei 2014
Yellow Ostrich
sounds like: Local Natives, Givers, The Dodos

Everyone marvels at the stars at times, thinking "are we alone in this universe?". "Where does the matter in which we draw breath begin or end?". "Is there a grand architect behind existence or just a watch without a watchmaker?" On their latest LP Cosmos, Brooklyn's Yellow Ostrich tries to grasp these existential musings with unwary bewilderment. The fact that the record is named after astronomer and science-icon Carl Sagan's popular 80s TV series is pretty much a giveaway. Musically, Yellow Ostrich initially sounds very much like Local Natives's East Coast equivalent, with their lush guitar blankets and radiant vocal harmonies. A closer listen reveals frontman Alex Schaaf's penchant for weighty adage, with the some palatial space rock tendencies that reminds us of early Porcupine Tree. Cosmos is an unabashedly ambitious record without feeling excessive or overblown, which is an amazing feat by itself. For those less concerned with esoteric subject matter, Yellow Ostrich's dynamic, adorned pop template never strays too far from its pure essence. We at Rotown are quite curious to say the least how Yellow Ostrich will translate their new masterpiece to the stage. Buh-bye, gravity…we're ready for lift off! Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 15 mei 2014
Pigeons Of Rotterdam
sounds like: Kunstenaarscollectief hosten hun maandelijkse house avond
vrijdag 16 mei 2014
DJ-collectief Dave Grohl & the Topless DJ's
sounds like: Dé dansavond voor dancing queens tot 90’s bitches
zaterdag 17 mei 2014
sounds like: Indie dance night
zondag 18 mei 2014
Vinyl Verbond Rotterdam
sounds like: Het draaien van je favoriete tracks door DJ Okkie
dinsdag 20 mei 2014
The Amazing Snakeheads
sounds like: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Murder City Devils, Grinderman

Nope, we're not talking about our very own Amazing Stroopwafels. The Amazing Snakeheads adapt a more…let's say, mayhem-driven, aesthetic. This spry Glasgow-based trio revel in misanthropic, heavy duty blues punk bred from the darkest caverns of the psyche.  We don't mean the kind of despair you get from heartache (the first shot in the "Flatlining"-music video pretty much debunks that theory). Dale Barclay, William Coombe and Jordan Hutchinson emanate the tautness of someone ready to kick someones teeth in if they stare too long. The Amazing Snakeheads pretty much sound like a working class Jon Spencer Blues Explosion with some added punk zest…if Mr. Spencer'd wake up on the wrong side of the bed each and every single day. Lo-fi, no nonsense, relentless and austere. With debut LP Amphetamine Ballads slated for release in April, The Amazing Snakeheads seem hellbent on swallowing everything and everyone in their path. Even Rotown will succumb eventually. Don't pass up on this one! Translated by Jasper Willems

woensdag 21 mei 2014
sounds like: Het Nieuw-Zeelandse antwoord op Rudimental

Well, it's always a rare opportunity to bring bands over from across the globe. New Zealand-based Six60 has been in vogue for quite some time now in their own country. Seemingly out of nowhere, their debut LP became a number one sensation in the charts. It comes to no surprise the rest of the world was quick to catch on! Especially the interwebs seems to be great for harvesting bands who adapt a multitude of styles. In Six60's case, a template of modern rock and soul is adorned by a potpourri of  electronic music like dub step, drum & bass. Jumpy, eclectic and extremely contagious! On stage, Six60 turn it up a notch too, duly noted by Paradiso and Bitterzoet, two venues the band managed to sell out. Tonight it's Rotterdams turn to get into the swing. Better put on them dancing shoes while you're at it! Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 22 mei 2014
Scott & Charlene's Wedding
Subbacultcha! Presents
sounds like: Pavement, The Velvet Underground, The Growlers

You can count Scott & Charlene's Wedding among the most entertaining new bands of the past few months. The formation, led by  mischievous Australian New Yorker Craig Dermody, has been the talk of the town among blogs around the world with their infectious brand of concise noise pop. The name already oozes idiosyncrasy: who (in their mid-thirties and beyond) can forget the infamous episode of Neighbours where Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan exchanged vows? That sort of quirkiness undoubtedly carries over into Dermody's lyrics, albeit with a sly, cynical undertone. Their latest release Any Port In A Storm documents his experiences as unaccustomed inhabitant of The Big Apple. The spells of homesickness, anxiety and inner struggle that come with living in the big city leave a fresh imprint on Scott & Charlene's Wedding jangly guitar pop, something belying their carefree whimsical outline and giving their music some needed depth. Dermody's apathetic singing reminds us of Lou Reed during his Velvets stint, emitting some of the same tics tackled by the likes of Guided By Voices, Sebadoh, Pavement and The Feelies. Captivating in all its simplicity, equally unhinged as it is charming. True indie aficionados rejoice! Translated by Jasper Willems

zaterdag 24 mei 2014
Pigeons of Rotterdam x No House Wine - XL.
sounds like: Twee Rotterdamse organisaties slaan de handen ineen
zondag 25 mei 2014
Records, Eggs & Coffee
sounds like: platenbeurs voor particulieren
dinsdag 27 mei 2014
together PANGEA
sounds like: Black Lips, FIDLAR, Mikal Cronin

together PANGEA seems to be the new 'it'-band around the blogosphere. We can sort of understand why: not only does this Los Angeles-based bunch already stand out with their high-octane garage rock (no less within a genre that seems to spawn an overload of bands these days), quickly climbing up the food chain. Over here, it was them Groningen-Noord boys traumahelikopter getting the word out: the first two LPs were released on BURGER RECORDS sparked, but sputtered eventually. together PANGEA's latest effort Badillac , however, is a bona fide slam dunk, uniting the (sic) "gifted craftsmanship of Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin, heedless intensity of Cloud Nothings and the coarse drive of Nirvana", according to popular Dutch music blog Kicking The Habit. together PANGEA's discordant guitar wails have a tendency to jump the gun with complete reckless abandon. Dangerously catchy, indeed. But behind all that fracas are just these impeccable pop tunes. Rotown is sure to reach is boiling point tonight, because these kids are going to blast everything into oblivion! This is the place to be, right here right now! Translated by Jasper Willems

woensdag 28 mei 2014
Popquiz Marathon
sounds like: Legendarische popquiz in marathon vorm
donderdag 29 mei 2014
sounds like: Coup de Sjans, VENOUR en BAARD & STAART willen feest
donderdag 29 mei 2014
Rotown College
sounds like: Fris en eigen materiaal van lokale helden in spé
vrijdag 30 mei 2014
Kill All Hipsters
zaterdag 31 mei 2014
The Delta Riggs
sounds like: Ex-Wolfmother toetsenist met eigen 70’s rockband

We sure do love a fair share of vigorous desert rockl, especially with a heavy dose of seventies psychedelics into the mix. We bring you Delta Riggs,  a brand new band formed by Wolfmother's former ivory tickler Elliott Hammond. What's in a name, right? Well in this case it's pretty obvious: The Delta Riggs embrace the same primeval energy as Hammond's former group, utilizing similarly crude organ blasts and massive drum eruptions. The Delta Riggs are far from being a purists throwback: they implement contemporary influences like R&B an hiphop as well. It definitely explains the buzz at the latest CMJ Festival in New York, where The Strokes-frontman Julian Casablancas cheered them on at the front row. The Delta Riggs have yet to test their mettle in The Netherlands, so expect them to come out on fire with enthusiasm. Fans of Jet Cage  the Elephant and The Hives should find their way to Rotown! Translated by Jasper Willems

zaterdag 31 mei 2014
sounds like: Disko Matique host eigen club avond
donderdag 05 juni 2014
No House Wine
sounds like: Fijnproeverij van house classics en relevante stijlen
zaterdag 07 juni 2014
Sivert Hoyem
Locatie: Maassilo
sounds like: De stem van Madrugada
After an exceptional solo-performance at the Paradijskerk about a year and a half ago, Sivert Høyem returns to Rotterdam for a special show at the Maassilo. With a full band no less, we welcome back one of the more outspoken artists of Scandinavian rock. As the face of the illustrious Madrugada, Høyem led one of Norway's finest musical exports for a good decade. When guitarist Robert Buràs sadly passed away in 2007, it marked Madrugada demise as well. Fortunately, Sivert Høyem has been performing under his own name ever since, adorning Madrugada's tendencies of grandeur with the more refined heartland influences of country music and americana. We'd like to think that as long as Høyem puts those phenomenal pipes on display, Madrugada's tormented spirit remains. His latest studio-effort Endless Love evidently feels more akin to his former band than ever before. Songs that once again rise to the upper registers, never yielding their inner suspense.  Translated by Jasper Willems
Tickets for this show are exclusively purchased at Rotown's designated sales points.  NOTE: this show takes place at  Maassilo (Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2).
donderdag 12 juni 2014
Buiten Gewoon
sounds like: BuitenGewoon collectief met jong DJ/producer-talent uit eigen stal
donderdag 19 juni 2014
Pigeons Of Rotterdam
sounds like: Kunstenaarscollectief hosten hun maandelijkse house avond
vrijdag 20 juni 2014
Kill All Hipsters
zaterdag 21 juni 2014
Warm Soda
Subbacultcha! Presents
sounds like: Mikal Cronin, Ty Segall, Guided By Voices

These cool cats have been on Rotown's radar for some time now: they were set to play Metropolis's 25th anniversary afterparty here last summer. Sadly, Warm Soda had to surrender their end of the bargain because of an accident at San Francisco Airport. As a result the band was stranded for a few days. Luckily Warm Soda (who've developed a nice taste for Rotterdam at their previous show in Roodkapje) finally get the proverbial monkey off their back by rocking Rotown into a stupor with their deliciously contagious power pop. Warm Soda seems to follow the trip-S theory to a tee: sound, songs and soul. Every song gleefully pats a cavalcade of influences: Jay Reatard, Cheap Trick, The Ramones. You name it. Glistened like pop tarts, Warm Soda doesn't need more than two and a half minutes to leave their imprint on the psyche. Energetic, charming and addicting as heck! With a new album slated for release, Warm Soda has all but fizzled out when it comes to garnering buzz across the blogoverse. It's sure to become legendary tonight at Rotown!  Translated by Jasper Willems

zondag 22 juni 2014
De Raggende Manne
Support: pEp
sounds like: Definitief afscheidsoptreden van vuilbekkende jazz-punkers

For thirteen years, we had to go through the motions without De Raggende Manne, one of most notorious bands in Dutch pop history. Early 2013 however,  De Raggende Manne announced an impromptu reunion show at the Melkweg. In the original line-up no less, with exception of bass player Dicky Schulte Nordholt, who sadly passed away in 2006. Once a Raggende Man, always a Raggende Man, so it seems: the show was as if the band hadn't missed a beat. De Raggende Manne are all about discordant guitar fracas and delirious vocal spats. They may be getting up there in age, that penchant for anarchic shenanigans still remains. Like the old days, with fan favorites like t Komt me strot uit, Dit jaar wil ik sneeuw, Lullen bij de bus and of course Poep In je Hoofd. Their passion, virtue and knee-jerk improvisations will always be something to behold. Unfortunately, this reunion is all too brief: after tonights gig, De Raggende Manne will call it quits. With one more album to their résumé, Het is niet wat je denkt, het is veel erger, they're embarking on one last hurrah. Of course, they had to insist performing at Rotown as well. So scrape yer throat and prepare to scream your lungs out. Ragge! Translated by Jasper Willems

donderdag 26 juni 2014
sounds like: Coup de Sjans, VENOUR en BAARD & STAART willen feest
zaterdag 28 juni 2014
The Soul Rebels
North Sea Round Town Presents
sounds like: The missing link between Public Enemy & Louis Armstrong
zondag 29 juni 2014
Records, Eggs & Coffee
sounds like: platenbeurs voor particulieren
maandag 30 juni 2014
sounds like: Bevlogen nerd-punk uit Missouri

If one believes nerds aren't allowed to form punk bands, nobody told Radkey.This trio of otherwise whimsical brothers has plenty to revolt about: I mean, who wasn't pissed when Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull found its way into existence? Sometimes the hate provoked by by everyday things: singer/ lead guitarist Dee is lactose intolerant and hates milk. As for bass player Isaiah, don't ever mention the third X-Men movie. And finally skinsman Solomon, who has a particular distaste for flying insects with stingers: hornets, wasps and bees, oh my! Luckily, Radkey knows how to combat these run-of-the-mill  annoyances with an utterly infectious brand of punk and rock 'n roll. At tonight's gig, you can expect a corny pop culture reference or two and plenty of goofing around. The force is strong in these three kids… Translated by Jasper Willems

woensdag 20 augustus 2014
The Growlers
sounds like: Black Lips, Allah-Las, Kurt Vile
woensdag 08 oktober 2014
Fiction Plane
sounds like: The Police in modern jasje met 'de zoon van'
vrijdag 24 oktober 2014
Locatie: LantarenVenster
sounds like: De Simon & Garfunkel van de lage landen
dinsdag 18 november 2014
Kensington (uitverkocht)
3FM Presents
sounds like: Utrechtse hitkanon keert terug voor intieme show
woensdag 19 november 2014
Kensington (uitverkocht)
3FM Presents
sounds like: Utrechtse hitkanon keert terug voor extra show
donderdag 20 november 2014
Wouter Hamel
Locatie: LantarenVenster
sounds like: Jason Mraz, Jamie Cullum, Gavin DeGraw