woensdag 23 juli 2014
The Dictators NYC
Support: Accelerators
Riot At Rotown
sounds like: Exclusieve NL show van punkrock helden uit de seventies
It's beyond belief, really…finally! Finally, punk icons The Dictators will make the trip across the pond to play in The Netherlands for the very first time. They've been one of the most authoritative bands of seventies punk rock, architecting the sound that would define punk rock the next decades along with The Ramones, MC5, The Stooges andThe New York Dolls. Indeed, Handsome Dick, Manitoba, Andy Shernoff and Ross "The Boss" Friedman have congregated quite the body of work over the years, masterpieces like Bloodbrothers and D.F.F.D which include omnipresent anthems like Who Will Save Rock 'N Roll and Baby Let's Twist. Not only is this a rare opportunity to witness one of the best punk rock-units ever, watching them play their very first Dutch gig is sure to leave an imprint. It's a no brainer, so don't twist your thumbs and be part of this! Oh, right...leave it to homebred mischief-makers Accelerators to stir things up as the support! Translated by Jasper Willems
donderdag 24 juli 2014
Boys! Boys! Boys!
Rotown Nights
sounds like: een avond vol dansbare house, electro, disco en aanverwante artikelen.
vrijdag 25 juli 2014
Thirty-threes & Forty-fives
sounds like: vinyl helden verzorgen zomerse sferen vanuit de booth
zaterdag 26 juli 2014
CLUB Gulfstream
Rotown Nights
sounds like: Een vloedgolf aan vibes
zondag 27 juli 2014
Joshua Woods plays Fink
sounds like: Hommage aan Fink
donderdag 31 juli 2014
Rotown Nights
sounds like: Coup de Sjans, VENOUR en BAARD & STAART willen feest
zondag 03 augustus 2014
Mark Lotterman plays Lou Reed & Velvet Underground
sounds like: Hommage aan Lou Reed & Velvet Underground
woensdag 06 augustus 2014
Pokey LaFarge (uitverkocht)
Support: Luke Winslow-King
sounds like: Authentieke western swing met oké van Jack White
zondag 10 augustus 2014
The Afterveins plays Club of 27
sounds like: Hommage aan de Club of 27
dinsdag 19 augustus 2014
Cloud Nothings
sounds like: No Age, The Thermals, Wavves, Nirvana

2012 was - without a doubt -Cloud Nothings' year. With the release of Steve Albini-helmed masterpiece Attack On Memory, these lively Clevelanders finally got their critical breakthrough. Fan favorite Wasted Days was the ultimate proof that trepidatious heavy rock anthems didn't stop with Hüsker Dü, Nirvana and The Wipers. Dylan  Baldi and his fellow mischief-makers have joined some rare company there, subsequently rocking every club and festival stage into smithereens with their rabid noise pop pounce. Rotown, of course, being no exception. Their latest LP Here And Nowhere Else ignites the same greased lightning as its predecessor, although Cloud Nothings have relinquished some of their torment for a more upbeat kind of zeal. Tonight, Cloud Nothings will once again enter the fray at Rotown, as we rejoice watching one of the best, most intense rock bands of the moment at their zenith! Mayhem! Translated by Jasper Willems

woensdag 20 augustus 2014
The Growlers
Subbacultcha! Presents
sounds like: Black Lips, Allah-Las, Kurt Vile
dinsdag 26 augustus 2014
sounds like: First Aid Kit, Haim
vrijdag 29 augustus 2014
Rotown Popquiz
sounds like: Oefenrondje voor de Popquiz Marathon in oktober
donderdag 04 september 2014
Vaudou Game
sounds like: Cocktail van voodoo rituelen-muziek en Amerikaanse funk

In West Africa - Togo and Benin to be precise - the voodoo (or Vaudou) religion has remained a ubiquitous tradition within the regions. Usually performed at ceremonies, this singular ritual music is typified by the gradually augmenting, hypnotizing drum mantra's and Yoruba vocals. Musician and composer Peter Solo was born and bred in the town of Aného Gildji, Togo, immersing himself in the doctrine. He assembled Vaudou Game last year to capture the spirit and essence of voodoo traditions by means of contemporary instrumentation. He was definitely onto something here, as Vaudou Game's debut LP APIAFO captures this otherworldly sensation, infusing indigenous music with the funk sound of the 60s and 70s. According to Solo, these two musical styles are actually kindred spirits. All the more reason for Solo to reach out to his uncle, local funk luminary Roger Damawuzan (basically the counterpart to Curtis Mayfield and James Brown) to do vocals on a few tracks. Without a doubt, this will be one of the most compelling get-togethers we at Rotown had the pleasure to host! Translated by Jasper Willems

zondag 07 september 2014
Judy Blank
sounds like: Eerlijke pianopop met een hart

Judy Blank first discovered her gift at a tiny venue called Xinix in Nieuwendijk. Here, she won over the crowd with her emotive, soulful piano-based tunes. From here on out, the magnetic songstress figured it was a good idea to expand her musical skills and understanding at Rotterdam's conservatory. Inbetween studying, Blank did a number of gigs at small taverns and clubs. Her big break came as an entry for popular Dutch talent show  "De Beste Singer-songwriter van Nederland" (translation: the best singer-songwriter of Holland). While she made it through to the last six finalists before bowing out, she made a lasting impression on both a national and international scale. Blues icon Seasick Steve for one, was so impressed with Blank that he serenaded her at last year's North Sea Jazz festival. Already a hot commodity at larger venues, more and more festivals appear to be following suit: Blank was phenomenal at Rotterdam's very own Songbird Festival and now she is slated to appear at De Wereld Draait Buiten, Pretty impressive given the fact that Judy Blank has yet to release her full-length debut. I guess it's only a matter of time. That said, we're happy to have this special talent for the night! Translated by Jasper Willems

woensdag 10 september 2014
Ezra Furman & The Boyfriends
sounds like: The Men, Dr. Feelgood, The Strange Boys

After former outfit The Harpoons disbanded, the time seems just about right for folks to swamp with Ezra Furman's idiosyncratic garage rock woolgatherings. The petite Oaklander prefers a more traditional songwriting-blueprint than peers Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin. His preceding album Day Of The Dog revealed a penchant for rhythm & blues, British Invasion-rock and folk music, lavishly adorned by sax and harmonica…why, even clarinet! On stage, Furman is quite a singular character, embodying both Jonathan Richman's offbeatness and Iggy Pop's heedless "raw power". Did we mention prolific? With already his sixth album pending, he'll hit the road with a brand new supporting cast The Boyfriends. One thing's for certain: Ezra Furman's a keeper. Translated by Jasper Willems

vrijdag 12 september 2014
Ethan Johns
Locatie: Paradijskerk
sounds like: Ryan Adams, Nick Lowe, John Cale

Remember that huge queue at the Paradijskerk during last year's Motel Mozaïque festival? Well, they were all in line to see Ethan Johns. Who? Well, the man's body of work pretty much speaks for itself. Johns has worked with some of the heavyweights of the past and present, including Sir Paul McCartney, Kings Of Leon, Ryan Adams and Tom Jones. His keen ears as a producer and virtue as a player come from no stranger to the music bizz: he is the son of Glyn Johns, who produced legends like The Who, The Stones and The Beatles. So, basically Johns grew up eating, sleeping and living music to the core, which makes it all the more peculiar to see him flourish as a singer-songwriter at a such relatively late stage in his life. The title of his magnificent full-length debut If Not Now Then When? seems to jestingly ask the same question. It seems being on the other side of the spectrum has served Johns well, seeing he already has a second album pending called The Reckoning. The record finds Johns and his good friend Ryan Adams cheekily switching places: Adams behind the mixing table and Johns behind the mic. Translated by Jasper Willems

zondag 14 september 2014
Natural Child
sounds like: Southern rock in de geest van Lynyrd Skynyrd, Willie Nelson

Since their birth in 2009, Natural Child have embraced the unheeding zest of heroes like John Prine, Willie Nelson and early Skynyrd. The five-piece resides in (sic) "a groovy little town" called Nashvill, Tennessee with their untethered joyride of rhythm & blues,  country, delta blues, which seems to have bred from the louche dark lit honky tonk taverns of the south. On stage, Natural Child are a completely, unhinged riot waiting to unfold: it probably makes sense they eventually rough-and-tumbled their way onto notorious West Coast cassette hustlers Burger Records's radar. Thanks to Burger, Natural Child finally has an album to encapsulate their tumultuous, fun-loving spirit: Dancin' With Wolves'  ten barn burners'll light your behind on fire, its blasé cracks and unabashed lampooning veneering their already ostentatious stage presence. Popular Dutch music platform 3voor12 decree as the best band of SXSW 14 speaks volumes, pronouncing: "High-octane seventies rhythm & blues, the conquerer of Burger Records's extravaganza.". Hop on the bandwagon or mount whatever's in the proximity and get rowdy! Translated by Jasper Willems

woensdag 17 september 2014
Wye Oak (afgelast)
sounds like: Beach House, Glasser, Bowerbirds
donderdag 18 september 2014
Juan Wauters
Subbacultcha! Presents
Locatie: V11
sounds like: Bob Dylan, Amen Dunes, The Tallest Man On Earth
vrijdag 26 september 2014
Locatie: V11
sounds like: King Tuff, The Thermals, Pixies
zaterdag 27 september 2014
Oscar and The Wolf
sounds like: The xx, Wild Beasts, Chet Faker

Oscar and The Wolf, a spirited indie pop outfit from Belgium, first emerged with two EP's. Founded by former teen heartthrob Max Colombie, the band is taking a significantly different route with debut LP Entity: a moonstricken, subtle ornamented r&b/synth amalgam, akin to the likes of James Blake and The xx. According to Colombie, his main inspirations were the nighttime, fairy tales and renowned Belgian composed Wil De Craene. In their home country, Oscar and The Wolf can do no wrong: they have been a big draw at the festivals and clubs, so it won't be much of a surprise to see The Netherlands and the rest of Europe follow suit in a hurrah! Rotown is in for one heckuva night. Translated by Jasper Willems

dinsdag 30 september 2014
Sleepy sun
sounds like: The Black Angels, Spacemen 3, Brian Jonestown Massacre
zaterdag 04 oktober 2014
sounds like: Het Nederlandse antwoord op Pearl Jam en The Black Crowes

Navarone may well be the hardest working rock unit in The Netherlands. The Nijmegen five piece made an ace record with A Darker Shade Of White, a sprightly cocktail of post-grunge, seventies country-folk and stoner rock. While many bands basically put their own spin on these formulaic rock frameworks, Navarone has proven themselves time and time again as crafty songwriters. Thankfully, Vance Powell, Jack White's trusty right-hand man, noticed as well. For the second time Powell brought Navarone to Nashville to record Vim And Vigor. This new LP captures the same ardency as its predecessor, only for Navarone to take a more adventurous  approach in their musicianship. Nowadays, the bands permits more discord, more experimentation in their established guitar sound, enabling heir Herculean rhythm section to have a more incisive impact. Vocalist Merijn van Haren has pushed his limits as a vocalist, reminding us of Candlebox and The Black Crowes. Navarone is what you call the prototypical rock band, so better brace yourself for a rowdy night! Translated by Jasper Willems

zondag 05 oktober 2014
Dotan (uitverkocht)
3FM Presents
sounds like: José González, Blaudzun, John Mayer

With smash hit This Town, smooth-singing Amsterdam-based balladeer Dotan made his mark in 2011 as a 3FM Serious Talent. His debut LP Dream Parade signified embellished pleasing-to-the-ear pop tunes; its follow-up 7 Layers however takes a more sparse, intimate route. In particular lead single Fall, with its hazy production and subtle, atonal vocal delivery, Dotan almost sound like his Swedish peer José González. This time, Dotan has taken the reigns as a producer, resulting in a handful of clandestine songs covertly adorned with nice overtones. The ocean serves as a ubiquitous backdrop, as Dotan traveled to England, Norway and birthplace Israel to do field recordings. We're quite impressed with the result and think this daunting new approach will serve him well tonight at Rotown. If you wish to reminisce the past summer days, Dotan will be your man for the night. Translated by Jasper Willems

zondag 05 oktober 2014
Dotan (uitverkocht)
3FM Presents
sounds like: José González, Blaudzun, John Mayer

With smash hit This Town, smooth-singing Amsterdam-based balladeer Dotan made his mark in 2011 as a 3FM Serious Talent. His debut LP Dream Parade signified embellished pleasing-to-the-ear pop tunes; its follow-up 7 Layers however takes a more sparse, intimate route. In particular lead single Fall, with its hazy production and subtle, atonal vocal delivery, Dotan almost sound like his Swedish peer José González. This time, Dotan has taken the reigns as a producer, resulting in a handful of clandestine songs covertly adorned with nice overtones. The ocean serves as a ubiquitous backdrop, as Dotan traveled to England, Norway and birthplace Israel to do field recordings. We're quite impressed with the result and think this daunting new approach will serve him well tonight at Rotown. If you wish to reminisce the past summer days, Dotan will be your man for the night. Translated by Jasper Willems

woensdag 08 oktober 2014
Fiction Plane
sounds like: The Police in modern jasje met 'de zoon van'

We all remember the summer of 2007, right? Two Sisters by Fiction Plane was a fixture on each and every popular radio station, with a maddeningly catchy chorus you couldn't expatriate from your psyche if you tried. Maybe it's because the song felt profusely familiar: Fiction Plane's lead singer is none other than Joe Sumner, the scion of former The Police legend and superstar Sting. Like his old man, Sumner has taken up the art of holding down the bass while adapting the same signature high-register pipes. To call Fiction Plane a blatant The Police-ripoff, however sells them ways short. They apply the legendary trio's syncopated beats and killer hooks into a more modern day template, with some heavy guitar riffs to boot. Of course, all without taking themselves too seriously: Fiction Plane is in fact an anagram for "Infant Police". Don't be surprised to hear some of daddy dearest's classics - in any case, will Two Sisters definitely hold up. In fact, you can count on it! Translated by Jasper Willems

zaterdag 18 oktober 2014
The Sedan Vault
sounds like: And So I Watch You From Afar, Radiohead, At The Drive-In
woensdag 22 oktober 2014
Popquiz Marathon
sounds like: Legendarische popquiz in marathon vorm
vrijdag 24 oktober 2014
Locatie: LantarenVenster
sounds like: De Simon & Garfunkel van de lage landen
zaterdag 25 oktober 2014
Kishi Bashi
Locatie: Paradijskerk
sounds like: Owen Pallett, MGMT, Son Lux

For years, prodigal musician K. Ishibashi flanked well-known artists such as Regina Spektor Of Montreal and Sondre Lerche. Not until 2012, Ishibashi has framed his own musical vehicle, Kishi Bashi. With a second album Lighght (named after the famous one-word poem by Aram Saroyan) in the fold, Kishi Bashi will perform tonight at the Paradijskerk's grand yet intimate setting. Like peers Ryan Lott (Son Lux), Nico Muhly and Owen Pallett, Ishibashi excels in co-existing the realism of classical and pop music in a crafty way, using samples, electronics, beatboxing, these dynamic, luscious tracks radiate a wonderful otherworldly aura. As a Japanese-American, Ishibashi is keen to delve into his roots: his previous LP 151a is based on the Japanese term "ichigo ichie", meaning "one time, one meeting", a phrase oft-used at tea ceremonies. "This one moment in time is unique, enjoy it with all its imperfections", according to the man himself. A word of advice we will bring to bear tonight's gig. Let there be Lighght! NOTE: This show will take place at Paradijskerk (Nieuwe Binnenweg 25). Translated by Jasper Willems

zaterdag 25 oktober 2014
Thomas Azier
Locatie: Maassilo
sounds like: Nederlands wonderkind maakt futuristische pop uit Berlijn
vrijdag 31 oktober 2014
Support: Alamo Race Track
Locatie: Maassilo
sounds like: Het Nederlandse antwoord op Grizzly Bear en The Shins

With three incredible full-length's under their belt, Amsterdam-based vets Moss have emerged as one of the greatest bands of the Benelux. Bass player Jasper Verhulst bolting to join Jacco Gardner was one of many episodes in a rough-and-tumble year 2013. Thankfully, Moss resurfaced this year with new incentive, releasing their fourth LP We Both Know The Rest Is Noise. Marien Dorleijn and his pals give newly acquired bass player Koen van der Wardt plenty of moments to shine. Van der Wardt takes up the lead vocal of earnest heart-tugger Bruised. Musically he makes his mark with the propelling motorik-drives of New Shape and Health. It's abundantly clear that Moss heedlessly continues evolving in a time where bands come and go across the ephemeral time lapse of album releases. And more importantly, making albums that still feel fresh and contemporary, a trait only the greatest bands posses. Meanwhile, Moss has proven themselves at the zenith of their live prowess at this year's Motel Mozaïque. They have outgrown Rotown's intimate setting for a few years now, so the Maassilo will be tonight's backdrop. They will have to live up to their live rep with a killer band like Alamo Race Track doing their opening slot.  After their successful collaboration with Conny Janssen's How Long Is Now-show and Jakop Ahlbom internationally acclaimed Lebensraum, the band is once again headed for the clubs and festivals. With a brand new LP in the works no less, which is slated for early next year on Excelsior Recordings. NOTE: This show will take place at Maassilo (Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2). Translated by Jasper Willems

zondag 02 november 2014
La Luz
sounds like: Ubercatchy surfpop meets Mazzy Star en The Ronettes
zondag 16 november 2014
sounds like: Portishead, Beach House, Efterklang

Amatorski is one of more intriguing outfits across the Southern borders. Fronted by enigmatic vocalist/musician Inne Eysermans, the trio completely spellbinded a sellout crowd at Rotown back in 2012 with their breathtaking lo-fi pop. After unearthing sophomore release From Clay To Figures, we rejoice as the band returns to the Nieuwe Binnenweg. The album drew wild reviews by notably The Guardian. The established nebulous triphop of TBC has made way for a more fractured, introverted sound. These days, Amatorski's stratum delves into deeper contemplation, utilizing a more minimalist approach with more meticulous instrumentation and arguably a more confidential oratory. They've accomplished Efterklang's abstract conceptualism, composer Phillip Glass's minimalism and Boards Of Canada's mystique into one saucy whole. An immense creative leap of faith without the most concise op pop songs. But if you put Amatorski's live rep into account, you cannot help but be enticed, right? Well, the band is still progressing further and further as a live unit, if their recent gig at Best Kept Secret is any indication. So yeah, we're absolutely stoked to have Amatorksi back! Translated by Jasper Willems

maandag 17 november 2014
Anais Mitchell
Locatie: Paradijskerk
sounds like: Laura Marling, Ray LaMontagne, Kathleen Edwards

Singer-songwriters successfully embarking a more traditionalist brand of American folk music as their vernacular are hard to come by. Mostly because you have to be really friggin' good to pull it off. Hailing from pastoral Vermont, Anais Mitchell is one of those special artists who can take any song and instantly make it her own. After releasing records via Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe, Mitchell has finally spread her wings by running her an  indie label of her own: Wilderland. Many peers seem to gravitate to the immensely charismatic songstress: Mitchell has toured with the likes of Richard Thompson and Josh Ritter, while the wonderful Hadestown features artists like Bon Iver and The Low Anthem. A true storyteller, often using fictional backdrops and characters to illustrate her songs, with so much detail and sincerity that they feel like confessionals. To some extent, Mitchell's music draws from firsthand narratives: Young Man In Arms is based on her grandfathers life, largely written from a male perspective. Like DiFranco and namesake Joni Mitchell, Anais is a magnetic performer who likes to engage her audience. Expect original material as well as personal interpretations of traditional Celtic and British folk music. Note: this show will take place at the  Paradijskerk (Nieuwe Binnenweg 25).  Translated by Jasper Willems

dinsdag 18 november 2014
Kensington (uitverkocht)
3FM Presents
sounds like: Utrechtse hitkanon keert terug voor intieme show
woensdag 19 november 2014
Kensington (uitverkocht)
3FM Presents
sounds like: Utrechtse hitkanon keert terug voor extra show
donderdag 20 november 2014
Wouter Hamel
Locatie: LantarenVenster
sounds like: Jason Mraz, Jamie Cullum, Gavin DeGraw
maandag 24 november 2014
Locatie: Rotterdamse Schouwburg
sounds like: Engelse electronicaband rondom Lou Rhodes en Andy Barlow
vrijdag 12 december 2014
Locatie: Rotterdamse Schouwburg
sounds like: 3FM Presents // Woven Hand, Arcade Fire, The Veils